Turn On Your Lights!

September 27, 2011  |  Personal  |  Share


I am from The Netherlands, a country where we have more bicycles than citizens. We do pretty much everything you can imagine on our bike. From going to school as a little kid, doing groceries or dropping of your kids at their school.

I live in San Francisco, a city that is probably much more bicycle friendly than most cities in the U.S.A. Usually the people that ride a bicycle here are strongly associated with the modern hipster sub-culture. I guess in a way you’re cool when you dare to ride a bicycle in the city.

Well you’re not cool when you ride your bicycle without proper lighting people! Is it so difficult to buy a head- and tail light? Or if you have them, to turn them on? It actually increases the rider’s conspicuity; in other words you’ll lower the chance of getting killed by an unsuspecting motorist! Literally minutes ago I almost ran over someone without lights, wearing black clothing and riding a black bike!

I can go on and on how bad cyclist behave here in the city, but I wont. Cops should, like in Holland, enforce the law and fine all of them!

Note: Those who enjoy a bicycle ride through the many streets of California should always be aware of the lighting laws that apply, especially when the bicycle is being ridden during the nighttime hours. Any resident who operates a bicycle after sunset in California must equip the bicycle, or themselves, with a white light that can clearly be seen from 300 feet away. The light must be visible from both the front and the sides of the bicycle while the bicycle is in motion. Rear reflectors and pedal reflectors are also mandatory while the bicycle is in motion after sunset in California.


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