The CRM Twitter List You Should Follow!

October 4, 2011  |  CRM, Social  |  Share

With the increasing popularity of social sites such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn it’s easy to lose track who to follow or what to subscribe to! It used to be so easy; each morning simply open your Outlook RSS folder or Google Reader to get the latest info about (Microsoft Dynamics) CRM. So now what?

Being an early adopter of twitter I have seen that, like for many, my focus changed from writing blogposts to simply share things that interest me in 140 characters or less in matter of seconds. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Other are often said to shorten attention spans and encourage instant gratification. It happened to me and I’m sure it has or will happen to you eventually.

So with this said; do you love Twitter but dislike that feeling that everyone else has found better people to follow than you? Do you want to follow great Dynamics CRM focused tweeters, but don’t have the time to find them or add them to a list? Sounds like most people, really – so you will be extremely happy with the fact that I curate a handpicked Twitter list of people who focus predominantly on Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Follow it to get the latest and greatest insights from the Dynamics CRM ecosystem. In case I have omitted you and think you should be added to the list, drop me a comment with your twitter handle and I’ll add you.

Question: Do you agree, is twitter really impacting our ability to read and think at length?

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