23rd Annual Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic

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23rd Annual Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic

Today I went to Jimmy’s Annual Old Car Picnic in Golden Gate park. It is the largest and longest-running classic car show in San Francisco and includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all types. Apparently it all started in 1988 when classic car-loving friends got together in Golden Gate Park to celebrate Jimmy O’Keefe’s birthday. Read More

Turn On Your Lights!

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Turn On Your Lights!


I am from The Netherlands, a country where we have more bicycles than citizens. We do pretty much everything you can imagine on our bike. From going to school as a little kid, doing groceries or dropping of your kids at their school. Read More

Hello World Redux!

September 20, 2011  |  Personal  |  3 Comments  |  Share
Hello World Redux!

After countless months, even years, I’ve decided to revisit my blog. Those of you that have been around in the CRM world may remember this URL as the home of the “CRMfreak”. I never intended to just disappear from the blogosphere, but I did. I blame myself and twitter for that! 140 characters was just that much easier, and cooler, to share new things, thoughts and ideas with the (CRM) world.

I’ve been itching to blog again for awhile. I’m not entirely sure why that is, or what may have caused that. One thing you now do need to expect is that future posts will be a bit more varied than CRM.

A couple things I need to figure out:

  1. Who actually reads my blog? Do I have an audience besides CRM freaks?
  2. How personal should I be?  I’m fairly open in 140 characters on Twitter or in 420 on facebook.
  3. What topics should and shouldn’t I blog about?
  4. Am I able to commit to post regular? Can or should I write a post per week?

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